Hello my friends!! It’s SEPTEMBER! I’m so happy – it’s the best time of the year. Well, it will be the best time of the year soon, when Mother Nature starts acting right and cools it with the humidity.

We have a couple more really hot days this week and then I’m hoping we’ll be home free – I see nothing but temps in the 70’s in the forecast after that. Whoot! And yes, I KNOW…fall doesn’t start for another 21 days. But the start of September is official enough for me. I’m burning a pumpkin candle right now to celebrate.

Because I’m so excited about this time of year I decided to share some of my favorite fall projects from years past – looking through these makes me all cozy and lovey and make me want to go put on a sweater and some boots.

I’ve made quite a few fall wreaths over the years but this simple pumpkin wreath is one of my favorites:

fall front porch

It’s crazy easy – stick the (half off!) fall fillers from Hobby Lobby into the wreath and you’re done.

I kept it over our fireplace in the back one year too:

fall pumpkin wreath

I LOVE the red and orange colors together. I don’t use these colors in our home any other time of the years but I LOVE them right now.

This felt wreath took forever, not gonna lie. But I love the texture:

felt fall wreath

Next time I’d like to do it in reds, browns and orange as well – but it will be awhile before my fingers can face all that cutting again. ;)

And my all time favorite wreath was also my cheapest -- this one was made with dollar store leaves:

dollar store fall wreath

I made it four years ago and just had to get rid of it a few months back. :( It held up pretty darn well considering it was put into storage every year! I don’t know if the dollar store still carries these pretty leaves but I hope so. I’d like to make another one.

I always pick up a bunch of tiny pumpkins to decorate with this time of year. I shared a few quick and easy ideas heredecorating with pumpkins

They are cute, cheap and you don’t have to store them year to year!

I’m still in love with the fall tablescape I put together last year:

fall tablescape

Those flowers are my Pee Gee hydrangeas – they start out white in the summer and are just now starting to turn a light green. They’ll be this gorgeous greenish pink soon:

fall entertaining

LOVE them.

Speaking of tablescapes – my DIY wood trough-thingy is awesome when it comes to decorating for any season. Drop the stuff in, fluff and you’re done:

wood fall centerpiece

I think it would be beautiful in the middle of a dining room table!

Last year I got crafty with some fall scrapbooking supplies and created some fall art:

fall leaf printable

You can download that printable to use yourself here.

Our fall mantel was simple and pretty last year – it didn’t scream fall but that’s why I loved it:

candy corn bunting

You can see how I made that candy corn bunting here.

I made a few other candy corn crafts years back too:

candy corn crafts

I don’t like the taste of them, but I think they’re darn cute for decorating. ;)

I LOVE decorating outside this time of year too. It’s the simplest decorating ever – pumpkins and mums and a some candles and you’re done:

outdoor fall decor fall table

pumpkins and mums outside

Oh my goodness, so lovely. I’m hard at work in the family room so I can start to focus on more fall decor in the house! I’m hoping to have the fireplace done by the end of the week – it’s a beast and is a ton of work. But I think it’s going to look amazing!!

Are you ready for fall? The older I get the more I love summer, but now that the kiddo is back in school the lazy days of summer are long gone for us. So I say, BRING IT ON. :)