DIY stencil (fail and save!) DIY stencil (fail and save!)

Hello all! I hope your weekend was a great one! Ours was jam packed – we did a ton of family stuff, I got to hang with friends quite a bit a...

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8:15 AM

Dining room built ins Dining room built ins

Hello my friends! How are you? My sister-in-law and nephew have been here all week and this is our last day with them. I’m excited we have a...

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8:36 AM

Easy outdoor entertaining Easy outdoor entertaining

Hello all! Well, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I enjoy summers SO much more the older I get. I think it has a lot to do with t...

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3:30 AM

Thoughts on choosing dark kitchen cabinets Thoughts on choosing dark kitchen cabinets

 Questions  about the wisdom of  choosing dark  kitchen cabinets keep cropping up in my reading and client discussions. Of course there are ...

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3:00 AM

Fireflies in the trees Fireflies in the trees

So I’ve wanted to do this little project for the longest time, and I finally got the courage up this weekend. It involved one little part th...

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8:43 AM

Let’s go RVing! Let’s go RVing!

Hey there all! I have to apologize for the later than usual posts this week – we’ve been traveling and with the time change I was posting la...

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10:17 AM