Well, the first day I was pretty cool. This isn’t so bad! (I said in my head.) The next few days weren’t bad either. Then I went away for a conference and the work was happening while I was gone. Best way to do it, in my opinion.

This week, however -- the renovation is getting messy. There comes a point when you just determine it’s a lost cause and you give up and go rock in a corner. OK, not rocking yet. Just a little twitch.

The floors. Wow. Every day I clean them and it doesn’t matter. Why do I do this? WHYYYY?:

Cause if you clean one spot you walk through another covered in dust and it just drags it back to the clean one. What’s that definition of insanity again?

So…not messing with that anymore. The floors are getting restained here anyway so in the end it’s not a big deal.

We dumped all the stuff from my office and the family room in the front of the house that first day and I haven’t touched a thing since:

I think about taking them somewhere else, but I’m not exactly sure where somewhere else is right now. So I’ll wait it out another week.

All of his normal “perches” are a mess right now, so this is where he sits all day:

We just dragged the chairs into the dining room…two weeks ago…and haven’t moved them since:

The big box I have no excuse for – it’s a return that has now become part of hubby’s “desk.” Hmmm.

Let’s talk about that desk. In the summer he hates working in the basement without natural sunlight. TOTALLY get it and I’m cool with it.

I’m cool with it. I’m cool with it. I’m…

OK, it drives me crazy. But I love him and I deal. :)

And for real…mine’s no better:

Still trying to figure out why I have a roll of toilet paper on there. Maybe it’s best I don’t know.

I’m still so excited about this whole thing that I’m OK with the mess. I figure it’s going to be like this for at least another week. Once I get past next Wednesday things will be wrapping up and I can do a massive clean up. Thankfully the weather has been AMAZING so the windows are open and it at least smells fresh and clean.

The end result is worth it and I’m still giddy that we are able to do this!! I like to share the bad with the good around here so there you go – my house as it looks right now. Don’t you want to come over?

P.S. I am crying laughing right now that these images have the “Pin it” button on them.